My long-defunct website from the ’00s was notable for its unfortunate design, but as a place to gather my work, it had its uses, while also encouraging a certain amount of writing beyond what I was publishing in more traditional venues. Nothing has taken its place in the meantime, apart from a very minimal portfolio. (Two or three efforts to re-launch the domain over the years have been half-hearted and don’t really count.)

The thought that I should think through the architecture of the site in some detail before trying again — giving due consideration to how social media have affected the cultural landscape — did appear legitimate and reasonable at one time. By now it is obviously little more than a rationale for procrastination. With a minimal structure now in place, I will start posting here and do the fine-tuning as things develop. The degree to which it will be a blog, an archive, and/or a porfolio is impossible to say just yet, and it may be that the distinctions are no longer that important.

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